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New ULTRAAM videos are sending into the internet world, with the first to premiere just a few days ago. You can see it on the MUSICVIDEOS page, or by going here:



We just released the first trailer for DjG's new film "The Narrow Gate". The film stars Drew Woodard, Terrence Orlando, and Gerald Von Stoddard, and is the first of a series of short films about the power of religion, all written and directed by D. James Goodwin. GO to the FILMS page to check it out, and look for it this fall in the festival world!




And now we just posted the new video for Hellkeeper's "last Exit", courtesy of Vimeo and here... directed by myself, photography as always by sir Dylan Samuel, and starring Paul Butler and Chris Bailey... creepy like we like 'em.



just posted a new video... Leverage Models "Very Small People". We made this in a very short evening, and though my original vision for the video was compromised by lack of extras and police presence, I thought we came away with a very valid video that I like, quite a lot. And thank you to Danielle Leder for her trudging through with me



editing the new Hellkeeper video.... so good and so dark. I directed, Dylan Samuel photographed... BMCC, takumar, full time. Looks great thus far



new site for film work is up... exciting news indeed.

shooting two videos for Hellkeeper this weekend. metal, dark. will be filmed with my comrade Dylan Samuel, my oft partner in criminal endeavors of the visual sort.

recently shot some studio footage of American Idol's Sam Woolf.... things will pop up soon.

and finally, editing the new Leverage Models video I directed over the last couple of weeks